Travel Lens Kit Philosophy

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Re: Travel Lens Kit Philosophy

I don't find the overlap objectionable - it just means needing to change lenses less often, which means less sensor cleaning.

A big plus for the 16-85 is that I can feel better about leaving the 12-24 at home in some cases when I wouldn't with an 18mm. There's a very big difference between 12mm and 16mm though; 12mm gives nearly 1.8 times the image area of 16mm, or 2.25 times the image area of 18mm, which can be very useful shooting interiors or tight urban spaces.

I don't much care for the 18-xx zooms - they have far too much barrel distortion at the wide end, which is where I often use them, and I find the additional 2mm very useful on the 16-85 - more than 26% more image area at the wide end than an 18-xx zoom.

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