The F2.8 choice, 12-40mm vs 12-35mm

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Re: different question for me

I agree with Jim, I carry a Nikon D7100 and some pretty pricey big lenses in my kit only

when I am using my car nearby and going their to take a the D7100 with lens mounted, hanging

from a speed carry, and the other two lenses in pouches hung off my shoulder or in a photovest.

If I am going out and want to just have a small kit, then I use either a Nex 5n with old Leica lenses

or a few cheap Sigma 19 & 30mm lenses, and an old Minolta 35-70mm zoom that was made by

Minolta for Leica R mount when those companies were working on joint ventures.

So sometimes I use a photographers neck strap made by Optech that holds both the Pen and

the Nex 5n, and I have some smaller lenses but still sharp 16mp in low light.

The answer is the size of the lens plus the body, the Nex is in some dimensions smaller

than the Pen is, but not in all measurements.  The Olympus has smaller lenses but a heavier

body.  The P5 has much nicer controls, and good use of the tilt screen, the Nex has both.

One lens I bought that I would like to recommend is the Voigtlander SLII  58mm f/1.4.

My version is in Nikon mount.  Its a FF lens, and I use in on the D7100 body as a portrait

lens, Ditto, with Nikon adapter as portrait lens on Nex.  Its FOV is 87mm on both of those

cameras, its small and because its designed for FF it has little distortion, vignetting or soft corners

mounted on APS-C.

I suppose since its a pretty expensive lens it should be also used as a super fast 116mm lens

on the Olympus P5 as a long portrait lens.  With in body image stabilization and fast aperture

its a perfect lens for this purpose.  Focus peaking is very good on both the Olympus and Nex

and manual control on the P5 is especially convenient.  The lens has an aperture ring and the most

smooth focus you can find.

I like (have)  the Leica/Pany 25mm f1.4 and the Olympus 45mm f1.8 so for me the 12-40mm would

be nice if it had good IQ at 12mm otherwise its not a good lens for landscape.

I don't hear great things about the fast 12mm f2 lens, barrel distortion and soft, not good for

landscapes.  Can you guys tell me what to use for equivalent of 24mm on a 35mm format for

landscapes.   On my Nikon I use the Tokina 11-16mm f2.8 MkII, very good IQ and fast enough

using ISO 3200 for indoors shots without flash.

One more comment, I go to a gym and use dumbbell curls 35 -45lbs. 3x 10 reps.  so 2 or 4 oz.

more or less I don't notice, can't understand this being a big deal.  Its the size of the total package

lens + body that drew me to use a Leica rangefinder for decades.  That is why I ain't interested

in FF DSLR, not their weight but their size with FF lenses.

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