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Jeff Klofft wrote:

Whenever I travel with my camera and want to take a smaller DSLR kit, I seem to always face the dilemma: do I take something simple like a superzoom (and maybe a small wide lens or wide-zoom) or something like a wide-zoom paired with a tele-zoom (and maybe a small 50). With the former I give up some quality for convenience and few lens changes but at the cost of image quality. With the other set, it’s just the opposite.

Now I know that sometimes the destination makes this choice obvious, but all things being equal, I’d be curious to know what everyone else does. Thanks.

Depends where & how I'm going. In a car on a longer trip the camera bag can sit under the backseat. When I get to the destination, I may decide:

For outdoors, bring the 16-85 & 70-300 combo. Depends if I need the reach to bring the 70-300, but able to switch fir daylight conditions.

Indoors, bring either a 35 1.8g or a 50 1.4g. I may try both just to see the difference from 35 to 50 & the 1.8 vs the 1.4. If there is just enough light, i may have the 16-85 handy & make test shots at 16, 35, 40, 50, 85, etc.  All AF-S on a D5100.

It is good policy to find out if the museum or venue has any restriction for camera use beyond no tripod & no flash. I may slip a little Coolpix S01 into my shirt pocket just to take a few quick snaps.

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