Would love PENTAX-A SMC 50mm f1.2 on a full frame!

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Re: No M series

Petroglyph wrote:

steephill wrote:

There isn't an M series version of the f1.2 design. I think you will find that it is the earlier K series lens that appears on your brochure although of course Pentax never referred to their first series of K bayonet mount lenses as K series. The 135-600 zoom is also the earlier "K" series rather than an M.

What is the difference between M series and earlier K series since they are both SMC (super multi coat) and neither have any electronics in them? I understand the A series has the ability to allow the camera to electronically set the aperture on the green "A" mark (I have one of those). I can't find any substantial difference between M and the earlier K (which they just leave off the M when they list it I've noticed.

The M versions are smaller and weigh less than the K version. Also, in certian lenses like the M200/4 has a built in pull-out hood whereas the K200/4 does not.

The A lenses are basically the same as the M version except they have the "A" position setting on the lens.


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