Why no image stabilizer in X systems

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Re: Why no image stabilizer in X systems

abortabort wrote:

On the nex side only the 24 1.8, the sigmas and zeiss touits don't have stabilisation that I can't think of.

Even the new zeiss zoom has stabilisation.

Ah no. Only 2 primes have IS 35 & 50. The 16, 20, 24 and 30 don't have IS. The 3 Touits don't have IS. The 3 Sigmas don't have IS. None of the Sony lenses are f1.4 nor are any third party lenses. Their zooms do, but so do Fuji's.

1+ And as others have said, I really don't see the need for IS in the primes. Maybe the 60 in low light but I've not experienced any issues with the 14 or 35mm. A bit of ingenuity when bracing for a shot or holding the camera can make the world of difference.

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