The F2.8 choice, 12-40mm vs 12-35mm

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Re: The F2.8 choice, 12-40mm vs 12-35mm

I will buy the Olympus. First of all, I am currently on Olympus and plan on having Olympus for the near future. At some point, I plan on buying a Panasonic camera again, but that point will coincide with Panasonic having IBIS in video, so by then, OIS won't be much of a feature. The Olympus lenses having less purple fringing helps as well.

In addition, 12-40mm is just a more useful range than 12-35mm for me, since it eliminates the need for all kinds of lenses for me. I love the snap focus as well, also have it on my 17 f/1.8 and it will be great for video. Plus, many have noticed that the Panny 12-35mm isn't a true constant aperture zoom, in that at certain points, the aperture blades jump a bit. I'm assuming that the Olympus won't have that problem. I will be shocked if it does. If I keep my 45mm and also get the 25mm for extreme low light situations, and that's all the M43 lenses I will need until I get the 40-150.

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