Why no image stabilizer in X systems

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Re: because high-iso is so good!

Krich13 wrote:

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I'm looking to buy my next camera and have narrowed my search to either Fujifilm X series or Sony NEX.


My first question have in mind is, why don't they incorporate any sensor image stabilization into these cameras?

because both Fuji and Sony have sensors that are very very good in high ISO, so instead of using image stabilization you can simply increase ISO.

Why use one instead of the other rather than both of them together? Or having a choice which one to use?

I have both Fuji X-E1 and Olympus OM-D... For very low light static (or nearly static) scenarios (like my sleeping kids in a dark room) Fuji is useless without a tripod. Olympus OM-D (though inferior to Fuji at high ISO) wins hands down with its stabilization and fast (yes, normal and wide too) primes. I have sharp images taken at f/1.4 ISO 1600 at 1/6 an 1/4 of a second. Try this with Fuji...

OK, give Fiji 2-stop advantage, that wound be ISO 3200 (one stop ISO 3200 vs 1600,m one stop for lying about its inflated ISO ratings) -- at 1/8 to 1/12 second you won't get anything comparable to Oly pictures. I feel it very stupid that I need to reach for a camera with a smaller sensor in very low-light conditions. BTW, shutter shock is much worse with Fuji too. If nothing else, in-body stabilization could (at least partially) compensate for that.

Bottom line, Fuji doesn't have IBIS just because they can't make it (either unable to develop or unable to bypass other companies IP, or unwilling to pay licensing fees), not because it is useless with any kind of lens.

Everything is a compromise. Fuji can obviously put IS in all their lenses, but they didn't. Can they implement IBIS? Maybe, maybe not, but if Fuji found IS to be that important, they would have at least implemented it on all their lenses. The bottom line is that we don't have a clue why Fuji didn't put IBIS in their X-Cameras. It could be that it drove up costs, degraded IQ, caused too much heat buildup, added weight, increased body size... just as much as it could be licensing fees or any other reason we can concoct. When it comes down to it, IS in fast wide primes isn't so common for a lot of manufacturers because the feature is not that high on most consumer's lists.

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