The F2.8 choice, 12-40mm vs 12-35mm

Started Sep 9, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Jorginho Forum Pro • Posts: 12,355
Got my Panny saturday

In this particular order.

1) I need it now. To me it is mainly a landscaping lens but also a low light zoom. I will be shooting landscapes this autumn, ligth will be scarce this winter as always.

2) I have Oly and Panny bodies. the Panny can be used on both with image stabilisation, Oly cannot. At 40 mm this is important. At 12 mm less so

3) It is lighter. Now 305 or 380 grams or so is not much difference, but still it is about 35 %.

4) Luminous Landscape tested the Panny against the very good 12-60 Oly and it scored almost equal. I wonder how much better a lens can get.

IF the Oly is a lot better and Panny is going to produce cams with very good IBIS, I can always sell off the Panny.

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