Travel Lens Kit Philosophy

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Re: Travel Lens Kit Philosophy

Jeff Klofft wrote:

You raise a fair point that I can (and do at times) bring more than I'd use on a given outing leaving some things behind in the hotel. But even in those instances, do you optimize for quality or convenience when you leave for the day?

Well, a little of both.  I prefer the convenience of not having to change lenses, but the quality of a "better" lens, so I compromise on range.  In other words, I'd rather carry just the 16-85 than either a 2-lens kit OR a super zoom.  I'll bring along a fast prime if I think I'm going to be out late enough to shoot in low light or if I think I'm going to want some shallow DOF candids.  Or if I think I'll do a lot of candids, I'll bring the 85/1.8 and the RX100 for the "other" stuff.

I have a nice, compact Kata bag that I purchased to help keep my kit size down; it fits a modest spare lens and I don't change lenses frequently at all.

- Dennis

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