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The Big One wrote:

Jeff Klofft wrote:

Whenever I travel with my camera and want to take a smaller DSLR kit, I seem to always face the dilemma: do I take something simple like a superzoom (and maybe a small wide lens or wide-zoom) or something like a wide-zoom paired with a tele-zoom (and maybe a small 50). With the former I give up some quality for convenience and few lens changes but at the cost of image quality. With the other set, it’s just the opposite.

Now I know that sometimes the destination makes this choice obvious, but all things being equal, I’d be curious to know what everyone else does. Thanks.

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I have 4 good lenses (all Sigma: 10-20/4-5.6, 30/1.4, 50-150/2.8, and 150-500/5-6.3) and 1 kit lens superzoom (18-105). If I want to get the best quality shots possible (excluding wildlife), I will bring the 10-20 + 30 + 50-150. This covers everything, and is very good quality. I tend to bring this kit when I am traveling to anywhere that I know I will be taking nice pictures. It's a bit heavy, but quite manageable, even on hikes and such.

If I don't care so much about the image, I will bring the 18-105. (Honestly, that lens is pretty good from a sharpness POV, I just find that it feels cheap... the zoom binds, the focusing is sloppy, the AF is slow, etc.)

The 150-500 is reserved for wildlife trips, of course... it's large enough that I don't bring it everywhere (hikes if I am already carrying kids, for instance), but if I am just in the car I can bring it.


So you don't find you miss having a mid-range zoom (if for nothing else, convenience)?

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