Travel Lens Kit Philosophy

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Re: Travel Lens Kit Philosophy

I don't know what you mean by "when you travel". If it's a day trip, then I pick based on what I think I'll need.  On a week long vacation, I'll pack a bunch of gear (usually a couple small bags, but the time I grab cables, chargers, etc).  But on any given day, I'll only carry a minimal kit - typically 1-2 lenses (either 35 & 85 or 35 & 16-85) or even just my RX100 (if I'm spending the day at an amusement park, for instance).  If I'm going to the zoo, I bring a tele zoom - I might even bring just the tele zoom with the RX100 in my pocket for wide shots.  I find I have little need for a zoom when just "out and about".  I took trips to Orlando in back to back years - first to Disney, then to Universal and Sea World.  I bought my Sony NEX prior to the first trip and carried the 18-55 kit zoom, a 16mm WA and I may have had a manual focus short tele that never got used.  That kit was pretty satisfactory in Disney; a couple times, a fast portrait prime would have been nice.  The 18-200 the following year was bigger, heavier, a bit more flexible, but when I got back, I saw that most of my shots were in the 18-55 range anyway, aside from a few at Sea World (Orca show) that wre pretty forgettable anyway.

- Dennis

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