The F2.8 choice, 12-40mm vs 12-35mm

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Re: Two reasons why I'll probably buy the 12-35mm

Traditional Pro lengths for zooms are 24-70mm and 70-200mm.  Put in M43 terms

that is 12-35mm and 35-100mm.  Now and again people like a little more range

and that is why the 16-85 mm is popular, so the 12-40mm might be attractive.

for two zoom kit either wide end zoom is appropriate, and I would pick the 35-100 zoom since

I feel if your into anything longer for birding you might want a 100-300mm (200-600mm)

zoom anyway.  Or you could add a tele extender to get you to 400mm.

I personally view zooms as a real compromise, and want fast primes for my most used

focal lengths.  So while I wouldn't buy an absolute junk zoom, IQ wise its a given a prime is usually

used for sharpest images.  I would buy a fixed 12mm for landscapes, an 14 or 17 for street, a fast 25 for night, and a 45-50mm for portrait primes.

Zooms fill in gaps, and when I just don't want to change and carry a bunch of lenses.

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