The F2.8 choice, 12-40mm vs 12-35mm

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Re: Two reasons why I'll probably buy the 12-35mm

NZ Scott wrote:

ntsan wrote:

So the spec for 12-40mm has been out

- Linear motor, MSC mechanism, AF inner focus
- Manual focus clutch mechanism
- 20cm minimum focusing distance (maximum magnification of 0.3 times, 35mm equivalent 0.6 times) throughout the entire zoom range
- Dust-proof drip
- Filter size: 62mm
- Total length: 84mm, maximum diameter 69.9mm
- Weight: 382g
- late November release

Panasonic 12-35mm F2.8
- 25cm minimum focusing distance (maximum magnification of 0.17 times, 35mm equivalent 0.34 times)
- Weathersealed
- Filter size: 58mm
- Total length: 73.8mm, maximum diameter 67.6mm
- Weight: 305g

12-40mm being being more larger/heavier than 12-35mm and come without OIS, should make Pana user and maybe some Oly user sticking with 12-35mm instead for the size and without looking ridiculous on their camera.

Though the magnification of 12-40 screams Macro to me, that is even higher than Voigtlander's 0.25x/0.5x magnificaiton which I found to be plentiful for my need without getting dedicated Macro lens.

I've held off buying a pro zoom until now, as I've been waiting to see what Oly will bring to the table to compete with Panny's 12-35 and 35-100.

Even though I'm an Olympus shooter, I'll probably end up buying the Panny 12-35 based on these specs.

There are two main reasons for this:

1) The Oly is 77g heavier, which is a significant amount.

2) Its filter size is 62mm, whereas the 12-35 takes a 58mm filter. I already own several 58mm filters, as they are compatible with my Oly 40-150 ED and Oly 75-300 II. I'm a big filter user, and am a bit annoyed at Oly's inconsistency with filter sizes. They are using 37mm, 46mm, 58mm and now 62mm. There may even be other sizes - for example, the original kit lens used a different filter size, I think.

The price is about the same, at US $900 via ebay. The Oly supposedly has better image quality, but this is of secondary importance for me, as the 12-35 is apparently already good enough. I can't imagine that the 12-40 will be dramatically better.

I just picked up the Panny 12-35 to use with my E-M5 for some upcoming trips and events where I knew the 12-40 Olympus would not yet be available. The 12-35 balances beautifully on a grip less E-M5 and the image quality is excellent.

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