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Jeff Klofft wrote:

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Jeff Klofft wrote:

Whenever I travel with my camera and want to take a smaller DSLR kit, I seem to always face the dilemma: do I take something simple like a superzoom (and maybe a small wide lens or wide-zoom) or something like a wide-zoom paired with a tele-zoom (and maybe a small 50). With the former I give up some quality for convenience and few lens changes but at the cost of image quality. With the other set, it’s just the opposite.

Now I know that sometimes the destination makes this choice obvious, but all things being equal, I’d be curious to know what everyone else does. Thanks.

Exactly what sort of traveling are you doing that necessitates this choice?

For example, my daughter and I went to London and Cambridge UK this spring and I didn't want to be lugging a lot of extra gear. For this trip I had my D800, an 18-35, 70-300 and a 50 f/1.8. It was a nice kit and I got some fine images. A few times I did feel like I was missing a mid-range zoom, but now enough to add another lens. This is what got me thinking about the super zoom.

I just finished a year traveling more than ever before (Hawaii, Bermuda, Oregon, Lake George) and found myself able to take both sets of choices to each location. I rely on your second choice for the majority of situations: a 17-70 os with a 70-300 vc.

So that would suggest a mid-range zoom and tele-zoom? I might want something wider. Did you?

I always have my Tokina 12-24 with me on these trips.  I bought it specifically for Hawaii.  There are times I bring just it and my midrange on any one day trip.  Other times, I like to just use my 70-300 vc (birds, surfers).  I like to have it all available and choose what I will use as one might select one's clothes.  The only lens I tend to neglect on these trips is my macro.  I did bring it to Michigan last year but I knew I was going to a well-stocked greenhouse.  Now that I have the Tokina, I would definitely bring it to London or any other trip with so much architecture and land/cityscape opportunities.  I might leave my 70-300 home if I had to choose (just bring my little 28-300 in that case).


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