Which type of umbrella is better reflective or shoot through?

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Re: Which type of umbrella is better reflective or shoot through?

Peter Gordon 01701 wrote:

Please advise and why one is better than the other.

One is not necessarily better, they are simply different, for different purposes.   Each can do things the other cannot.   Still, the reflected seems overwhelmingly better to me, to be used at every opportunity.  

We use an umbrella for the soft light.  They are soft simply because they are large.  Placing them closer makes them larger, relatively.  But the shoot-through is obviously smaller than a reflected (just look at them... the angled back edges of the shoot-through obviously means all of that light misses the subject altogether.  Whereas the reflected redirects all that edge light back to the subject,, and makes it effectively Large. And reflected does not have the central hot spot that shoot-through always has.

However, when necessary, the shoot-through can be used much closer. Which is a good thing, because 2/3 of the light goes out the back of shoot-though, becoming unwanted stray spill (but being so close offsets that, weakens the spill, relatively).

See http://www.scantips.com/lights/umbrellas3.html for more.

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