FZ-200 - Not the BEST…

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FZ-200 - Not the BEST…

…samples in the world But I Love the camera. Now I know why every FZ-200 is raving about it!

I got a chance to borrow the Pana FZ-200 from a guy here and from the very little experience I had with it, all I can say is that the camera is EXCELLENT. I apologize for the sample I have but this is the best I can produce from where I’m at. The conditions when I was using the camera were:

· Time of day - (between 12 noon -3:00 PM depending on my watch schedule).

· Temperature/Humidity – anywhere from 99F – 112F and relative humidity is less than 12%. Anything over 50-75 meters will have that “painter effect” due to heat distortion)

· Wind – anywhere from 5-8 MPH to 15-20 MPH gust (where we are at, this just stirs dust and dirt that linger in the air.

These 3 variables alone are a photographer’s nightmare. The harsh light in the middle of the day creates unpleasant shadows. The high temperature causes the ground to emit heat and when using zoom, it just magnify it and creates distortion in the air. The dusts/dirt in the air, well, it’s self-explanatory.

Even with these conditions, I tried to capture something that is worth taking to see the capabilities of the camera. First off, I like the ergonomics of the FZ-200. I just fit perfect on my hand. It is well balance and a pleasure to hold. The EVF is better than I expected, clear and bright. Yes it’s not the same as my V1 or my departed D7000 but it is good! I have a LX-7 so I’m kinda familiar with the menu and it did not take me long to get used to. The main thing that I really like is the long reach of the lens and it’s sharp.

I handled the camera probably no more 4 hours all together during the days I have it and with the short amount of time, I fell in love with the camera that I’m seriously thinking of getting one (probability - >75%). Christmas is around the corner J Maybe if there’s an upgrade to this excellent camera I will wait but if not, this will be on my hands shortly.

From the FZ-200 photos I have seen on this forum from different users. I AGREE with you all. This camera is a definite keeper.

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The buildings are about 600-700 meters from me.

The wall and gate is about 500 meters away. I can still make up the sign on the gate "Authorized Personnel".

Dust devil dissipating.

The closest dust devil is about 1 Km and the furthest (right) is over 5Km away.

The camel, sheeps and two sheppherds from about 1 Km away.

This was about 1 Km away.

This was one is about 1.5 Km away. The dunes are over 4 Km.

The sheppherd's tent is over 1 Km away

Some one's Ford Ranger. While I was taking photos of the  sheeps,this caught my eye, quickly pointed the camera in his direction and fired 2 shots before he disappeared.I would say, not bad.

Our "gator". It was park about 75 ft from me. This came out sharper than I expected.

Nikon 1 V1 Nikon D7000 Pentax K-m (K2000)
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