Why the > Intense Hatred < against an entry-level- A3000???

Started Sep 9, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Why the > Intense Hatred < against an entry-level- A3000???

The amount of hatred against A3000 in DPR forum is unprecedented. Never before has an entry-level-camera cause so much grief.... For Christ sake, which part of "entry-level-camera" do people not understand.

For comparison, let see how competitor brand behaves:

When Nikon release an entry-level D3200, nikon forum were bouncing with joy

When Panasonic release an entry-level GF6, GH2/3 owners don't get offended

When Canon release an entry-level T3, ho-hum, no excitement, but no attack either

When Olympus release a cheaper E-PM2 with same sensor as the higher EM5, m43 users celebrates.....

But when Sony release a cheaper A3000 with the same sensor as the higher A58, we have:

  1. Full Blown RAGE
  2. Over-blown negative reaction (on a $399 camera, funny)
  3. Exaggeration - taking 1 cheap camera as an indicator of entire brand
  4. Accusation - Sony betray us (who is us?)
  5. How dare Sony for making a cheap camera
  6. How dare Sony for not putting a high end NEX-7 EVF on a cheap $399 camera
  7. How dare Sony for bundling the once exclusive Black 18-55 kit lens on A3000 (too funny)
  8. ...you fill the rest

Just making an Observation of this forum behavior.  I'm been in DPR a long time, but I have never seen a cheap $399 camera cause so much grief.  What gives???  If you have an explanation for this kind of behavior on a $399 camera, let hear it.

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