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Jeff Klofft wrote:

Whenever I travel with my camera and want to take a smaller DSLR kit, I seem to always face the dilemma: do I take something simple like a superzoom (and maybe a small wide lens or wide-zoom) or something like a wide-zoom paired with a tele-zoom (and maybe a small 50). With the former I give up some quality for convenience and few lens changes but at the cost of image quality. With the other set, it’s just the opposite.

Now I know that sometimes the destination makes this choice obvious, but all things being equal, I’d be curious to know what everyone else does. Thanks.

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Exactly what sort of traveling are you doing that necessitates this choice?  I just finished a year traveling more than ever before (Hawaii, Bermuda, Oregon, Lake George) and found myself able to take both sets of choices to each location.  I rely on your second choice for the majority of situations:  a 17-70 os with a 70-300 vc.  But, I also have a very light and small Tamron 28-300 which marries very well with my Tokina 12-24 for the first type of kit you describe.  I like the second setup for those situations lens changing may not be indicated:  boating, volcano viewing, etc.  All four lenses fit in the either of my two bags and can be carried on a plane.  I can drop all the gear at a hotel and take what I need for the day.  If I had to choose one or the other due to some kind of restriction, I would take the superzoom setup.  The light weight and convenience combined with an iq that is fine for me would be decisive.  Especially if I am traveling with others who do not share my passion for pictures.  If there was a lot of fast action involved, I would have to go with the 70-300 vc.

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