Panasonic G6 mini review from full frame user

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Re: Why not .. & questions ..

Sergey_Green wrote:

Advent1sam wrote:

You probably wouldn't use the Canon wide open? you use it at f2 because that's where it sharpens-up sufficiently to give good results?

But I think you can shoot wide open FF cameras as well. What makes you think you can not?

You can shoot it at f1.4, I just checked with the lens review and the Pana is only very slightly sharper in the corner at f1.4, center similar, so reality is they probably deliver similar, my bad!

The Pana's are usable wide-open but you'll have an equivalent of f2 vs 2.8/f3, so still a full stop adavantage over m43 in dof, but we all knew this already

I wonder how much advantage it has over APS-C, do you know?

Over aps-c, well the 50mm prime will be as good, myabe corners slightly better still. All in all its all good, but the dof advantage to FF is probably much better, upto 2 stops depending on what you are happy with, but note at f1,4 on FF focus will be critical.

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