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Got $265 D3100 w/Kit VR, 16G SD, 2 Batteries/728 Clicks

That sounds like a good deal at first, in fact it sounds like a TERRIFIC deal. However, I would say if you look hard enough you may do even better, such as the deal I mentioned in the subject line.

As it states, I got a Nikon D3100 for $265 and that included the VR version of the 18-55mm. It also had only 728 actuations and it included a 16G SD card and an extra genuine Nikon battery. For only $60 more vs your deal, you lose the 55-200 but you gain VR on the 18-55mm and these D3100 vs D40 advantages

  • 14mp vs 6mp
  • equally good, if not better, high ISO performance & dynamic range
  • 11 AF points vs 3
  • 3" LCD vs 2.5"
  • video ability (although I don't care about that)
  • live view
  • ISO displayed in viewfinder when you're changing it (if mapped to Fn button)
  • my body had only 728 shutter actuations. A newer body is apt to be less used.

The only thing you lose vs the D40 is the ML-L3 remote compatibility, but it accepts a wired one & I'm told they sell kits which make it able to fire wirelessly on the cheap.

I actually got the D3100 for my wife, at the time I had a D5100 and Sony NEX-C3 (now I just have the NEX-C3), but regardless I do find myself using it sometimes. Regardless I can just let her have at it & know that my Sony NEX-C3 is just for me only.

Either way--your deal is hardly awful, but even better deals are possible. Given yours vs mine, I'd be inclined to take mine.

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