Sony A3000..what a joke..just played with it at Sony Store.

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Sony A3000..what a joke..just played with it at Sony Store.

its early september, the time for serious camera announcements , and sony comes out with this

joke of a camera!

unless your 12 years old, don't even think of this as a second, or new, or replacement camera to own.

I waited for years for sony to grow up, and get serious, but obviously, they want to kid around

and design cameras that a person in a coma, wouldn't even want to touch.

sounds harse, but this is coming from someone who has invested some serious money into sony gear,

and hoping the day would  come, when NEX line would mature.

Sorry sony, but this is "no holds bar"...this camera is a joke...even for $500.

where to begin...

First of all,the viewfinder is so small, you need a magnify device to see anything remotely clearly through it.

second, you have to choose between fiewfinder or lcd...cant have both.

third, the software is old and redundant.

hope any of you all, wont loose your appetite over this un-orthodox review, but you'll thank me later.

if you never ever, ever, touched a digital camera in your life, and decided to buy this, you are all right. but

if your thinking, you will downgrade and buy this and be happy,,then good luck..

why sony wasted its time making this crap, instead of producing a nice camera that we can truely use, i cant understand why.

maybe im still $issed, the most expensive flagship camera i own (RX1) has the slowest auto focus and no firmware upgrade of the most basic camera sony makes.

waited too long.cant wait no like a burnt out housewife thats ready to leave her trivling @ss husband!!

if i dont see no full frame NEX with 2 pro lenses (18-50 -50-150/ or up to 200/ 2.8) by end of D.O.N.E. with sony!

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