70D versus 5DIII

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Re: 70D versus 5DIII

cpharm86 wrote:

SDRebel wrote:

I want to commend Canon for putting so much technology in the 70D.

My problem is that I also own a 5DIII. There differences from the 70D don't seem to me to be particularly significant. I haven't yet attempt to compare RAW shots, but there is no comparison that I can imagine for movies as the 70 D seems to provide the same quality with actual AF (though not perfect).

I think these differences are advantages for me with the 5D MIII over the 70D

1. Lower noise at high iso

2. Better IQ

3. More focus points

4. More cross-type focus points

5. Better boost iso

6. Larger view finder

7. Dual card slots

You are getting a slightly higher FPS with the 70D, you might like the flip-out screen, built-in flash, it is smaller and lighter.

Is there any reason for me to keep the 5DIII that any of you can think of rather than sell it?

Full frame is, however, what I really want; and the 5DIII works better in that regard with my lineup of Canon lenses. Perhaps that difference is enough. Yet, traveling with two cameras is a real pain.

If full frame is what you reallywant then that would be your answer.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

The full frame is preffered by professionals for more than lens lineup. You have some good reasons above and I would add the full frame look: shallow depth of field, crisp detail, even the noise looks better to me on the 5d mk iii than on crop bodies ( it has a film/grain like look) although I haven't tried the 70D yet.

But you didn't tell us what you use your camera for so it is hard to give you some advice. I shoot mostly stills with my 5d mk 3 but when we sometimes shoot video we always use manual focus so the 70D would have no advantage for our studio.

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