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Re: Ignoramus

Cane wrote:

Cane wrote:

Nice review. Lack of dof is what's held me off m4/3. I don't buy any of the arguments for greater dof. It's a crutch to excuse it away I think. I don't want P&S dof photo's.

A breathtakingly ignorant statement.

m43 cameras do not lack "dof". In fact, they have twice as much depth of field as full frame cameras (assuming the same lens is fixed to each).


I meant a lack of dof control. Keep up and use your cognitive reading skills.

While you are right about having more DOF control in some cases, I disagree with a couple of things you imply.

First, when I'm at a low light event the DOF of M4/3's is great because I can shoot wide open and still get subjects in focus. With FF you loose control of your shot in this case unless you want to compromise either DOF (too narrow) or ISO setting (too high) to get what you need.

Secondly, I have always thought it was just plain lazy of photographers to blur the background. I like looking at a whole scene, but many photographers are not creative enough to shoot an interesting scene so they just blur it. In the really high end work like top shelf magazines you see much less shallow DOF because they take the time to create a complete scene. I respect this a lot more then what I think of as, The Lazy Blur.

My points are there are both pros and cons with DOF as the sensor gets bigger, and there are also different ways to utilize DOF to improve an image. Bring on the Lytro tech and stop this silly debate.

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