Panasonic G6 mini review from full frame user

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Right ..

ThePhilips wrote:

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ThePhilips wrote:

3. If you are not in close up or street photography there is still a strong point for more DOF: when taking pictures of kids or pictures of more people. With a full frame DSLR you need to stop down to make sure that all persons are in focus. It happened to me a couple of times that I shot at f2.8 just to find out that the second face is out of focus.

[...] A perfect sensor is of no use if the image is not in focus. [...]


People routinely forget about this important difference: larger DOF also means less OOF shots. And even some OOFs are still good for web resolutions.

Many years ago I went with Oly 43 cams and the larger DOF was one of the major reason. Now, without much thought, I'm too buying into the m43.

Because you simply do not have any other option, and you won't forget.

I'm not sure what you are implying. I can easily afford FF cams/lenses. I can also afford most of the MF stuff. But I simply do not want.

Camera A has option a) and option b)
Camera B does not have option a), but only has option b)
So because you do not have option a) you do not need to remember about it. You call this a strong point, and I say let's call it an advantage.

Otherwise, thanks for reminding me why I keep you in the ignore list. Your pathetic ad hominems haven't changed in years.

No problem.

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