Panasonic G6 mini review from full frame user

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Scott Mac wrote:

Cane wrote:

Nice review. Lack of dof is what's held me off m4/3. I don't buy any of the arguments for greater dof. It's a crutch to excuse it away I think. I don't want P&S dof photo's.

A breathtakingly ignorant statement.

m43 cameras do not lack "dof". In fact, they have twice as much depth of field as full frame cameras (assuming the same lens is fixed to each).

I'm pretty sure he meant that you don't have as much flexibility with control of DOF.

Besides, I don't find that sufficient DOF is hard to come by these days.  It was an issue back when high ISO performance of imaging sensors was really terrible, so you really couldn't afford to stop down the aperture while increasing the ISO.  But these days, ISO performance is quite amazing (assuming you ignore the anal pixel peepers who only look at images at 100% magnification, LOL).  So the reality is that it's not a big deal to just stop down the aperture a bit if you need more DOF.  But obviously, there's a physical limitation to how much you can open up the aperture to get shallower DOF and better background blur.  So, given that m4/3 uses focal lengths that are only half that of FF, and given that DOF is heavily dependent on focal length, that means m4/3 is at a disadvantage when it comes to DOF control if the DOF control you want is to have less DOF.

Plus, when it comes to ISO performance, FF has an advantage anyways, so its even less of an issue to stop down the aperture while increasing the ISO in order to get more DOF.

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