From a D800 user: NEX-6 / NEX-7 + 16-50mm

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Re: From a D800 user: NEX-6 / NEX-7 + 16-50mm

I am also a D800 user and I purchased a Nex 6.  I have only had it a week now but maybe I can shed some light on a decision for you.  With the kit lens, the 16-50, it will fit in the pocket of most of my light weight jackets including the hoodie my wife keeps threatening to burn.  No way will it fit in a trouser pocket.  I got the 6 since it represented a smaller investment than the 7 and the difference in megapixels really is not that significant at modest enlargements.  Like up to 12x18.

I consider file quality on par with a D7000.  Usability, not so much.  Focus is an issue and set up is a first class PITA.  The manual is a pretty much a joke and the one on the CD is not even close to Nikon standards and we both know how frustrating Nikon books can be.  I have purchased a book on the Nex from Amazon but have not had time yet to look closely at it.  Thom Hogan quality it is not.

The files are pretty decent.  My keeper rate so far is not the best but when I nail focus and exposure they work in ACR as easily as D7000 files did. I plan to keep the thing.  It is kind of fun with old legacy lenses (but certainly not pocketable).  I got the F adapter from China and it works just fine with oler f mount lenses.  My old 50/1.4D is pretty neat.  Have not tried the 24 yet but the 28-105 is good too.  My plan is to use the kit lens when out and about.  Mine is not that bad, pretty good, in fact a stop or so down.

I should point out that I knew going in that there would be frustrations.  I have a 4/3 outfit too which I use for birds and it is equally frustrating and not at all pocketable.  I wanted a take along camera and I have no plans for additional lenses.  We will see how long that lasts.

I have a very small gallery of Nex flower photos at the bottom of my Pbase site.  They are all from OOC jpgs which have been cleaned up in ACR.  Have had no chance to get out and make any landscape photos yet.

Have fun with your decision.


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