So what happens after EM-1 is announced?

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Re: So what happens after EM-1 is announced?

Azilla wrote:

Hoping a nice price drop in 5months when I get my system.. cheaper price = buy better lenses within my budget

Olympus tends to hold the reins pretty tight on their pricing....they don't drop the MSRP until an item has been discontinued, as a rule...I would expect you will be able to get a good deal on some lenses if you buy at the same time as the body, though, for their holiday sales (it's what they usually do)....

Panasonic has a different philosophy of marketing, more of a mass marketer's point of view.  However, even with their top end gear, they don't drop it precipitously until about a year after it's announced...and sometimes not even then (the GH2 never did come down in price).  I suspect if you want this camera, you will probably see it for around $1250 on special after about a year...but probably not a lot less than that.  Personally, if I had the money and it met my needs, I'd just buy the thing and not look back.  The amount of use I would have of it while I waited for it to go on sale alone would justify the cost...but to each his own.


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