RX100/2 lens ring frustrations -- is this the explanation?

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Re: RX100/2 lens ring frustrations -- is this the explanation?

Dale Cotton wrote:

Gotcha. This is something that would escape me, being entirely innocent of all things engineering and mechanical. I wonder whether the excessive stiffness/tightness of the ring relates to this or a similar technical limitation...

BTW: This reviewerthinks the lens ring is actually one of the RX100/2's positive attributes.

"Let's do the twist

In use there are some elements of the RX100 II's design that really stand out, in particular the rotational dial to the base of the lens barrel. Its silky smooth motion rotates infinitely and the considered positioning makes it natural to use. It protrudes just enough ahead of the camera's body to get a good grip, which is more than can be said for something like the smaller-scale Panasonic Lumix LF1." -- Mike Lowe, Pocket-lint

Wish I had the unit he was working with...

Sean Nelson wrote:

Dale Cotton wrote:

Sean: good catch. Do you think this means the design team a) simply didn't bother to handle this combination, b) had no way to handle it, or c) that their purpose was something other than what I purposed?

I'm actually skeptical that the behaviour of the control ring is "designed" to show the setting to allow you to decide whether or not to change it. The sensors used in the ring don't have very fine resolution it takes several mm to go through each "step" of change on the ring. You can see that if you set the ring to zoom and then turn the ring fairly slowly - zoom changes occur only once per several mm of ring turn. I think the ring is just programmed to require at least a couple of "steps" of turn to get things started to in order to eliminate accidentally changing a setting if you happen to bump it against something.

...demonstrating how individual human/camera interface design issues are!

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