What is advantage and disadvantage between X-trans vs Bayer array

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X-Trans is Simply More Added Value, In Our Favor!

From this extensive read, it seems that many, including the OP, could learn enough from Ulri's references to finally end these cyclical inquiries about the usefulness of the 6 x 6 PR-CFA that FUJI has chosen to implement and refine as X-Trans.

Before anyone posts again on this subject they should have a full and comprehensive understanding of the cited documents that I suspect FUJI is already ammending with their own advancements in research and development.

Cudo's to Ulri for His/Her diligence in the understanding of Image Sensor Technology and sharing that with us, Cudo's to FUJI for their pioneering spirit that benefits not only us but the advancement of imaging technology exponentially!

Everyone touts (no offense to Zeiss) the evolutionary development of the dated algorithms long since summarized for the 2 x 2 Bayer design sensor array mostly due to the longevity of the array pattern's presence in the world of imaging. Yet the 6 x 6 PR-CFA clearly shows a mathematical advantage. Sluggish program development of the RAW conversion algorithms that maximize that advantage is inevitable just as it was with the Bayer. The 6 x 6 will progress evolutionally and in the end we will all benefit from the X-Trans sensor's extended capability.

Is seems quite excess-profit oriented to remain on the proven side of the fence. (Yes, that means you, SoCaNikon). There is no design evolution without the expense of R&D therefore FUJI should be supported for their pioneering spirit and the added value they are including in their X-Trans products.

We are simply the benefactors. I like to believe I am invested in receiving "Red Dot" IQ for a lot less "M"oney! Thanks FUJI for X-Trans, though I have yet to challenge it, I am confident that with what has been provided me, it will all be there when I need it!

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