What a wonderful NEX lens lineup we have people!

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What a wonderful NEX lens lineup we have people!


10-18 constant f4 OSS, black, marvelous wide angle zoom, small and light (225g) wide angle zoom

16-70 constant f4 OSS, black, Zeiss, compact (7.5cm in length), only 308g, best NEX normal zoom

18-105 constant f4 PZ OSS G Sony lens! coming soon, good for videographers and not only


12mm f2,8 Zeiss Touit, black, beautiful wide angle prime

19mm f2.8 Sigma, black, very cheap (around $100 for old version), nice to have wide angle prime

20mm f2.8, very small pancake, black, makes NEX very small

24mm f1.8 Zeiss, black, very versatile FL, fast aperture, capable of almost everything

30mm f2.8 Sigma, black, very moderately priced, sharp, a must have lens

32mm f1.8 Zeiss Touit, black, fast, rich colors, sharp

35mm f1.8 OSS, black, a must have for OSS, sharp

50mm f1.8 OSS, now in black!, gorgeous lens, ranks high on DxO mark, almost no distortion

60mm f2.8, in black, sharp, moderately priced

85mm f1.8 OSS is coming!

Add to that several 18-200mm zooms including PZ for videographers, and couple of kit zooms that aren't Zeiss, but are cheap, for example 18-55mm and 55-210mm.

(I didn't included 16mm pancake and 16-50mm PZ kit lens, since there may be some QC issues depending on copy you get).

Add LA-EA1/2 adapter and one can mount any A-mount lens, including Sigma OS zooms for BIF lovers and Minolta lenses as well with AF!

And of course a numerous variety of old MF lenses available with adapters.

Now, I think we are as close to perfection in NEX lens lineup as we ever were. And I think Sony will still produce more lenses yet to come 2013 and 2014. Honestly, I can't even imagine what lens do we still need? Seems like we are covered almost for everything.

NEX lens lineup is just perfect or El Perfectino if you are not into that whole brevity thing.

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