Photographer faces law suit

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Re: Photographer faces law suit

mgblack74 wrote:

Why one would insist on hiring a photographer who obviously wouldnt perform his best is beyond me.

Agreed. I just don't understand why the photographer wouldn't simply say "sorry, I'm not available that day, but I can recommend X Y Z photographer in the area". Leave it at that. No reason, no complication.

With rapport out the window, I don't know how as a customer they would continue pursuing this person to shoot their wedding. Move along.
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1.  I largely agree with your main point...why not pick a photographer who is not bigoted when you find out he/she has a strong objection to your lifestyle.  (Of course, the tangential harm is that this allows prejudice to continue.)

2.  The problem, in real life, is that most conversations go like this.

Prospective Client (on the phone, via email, in person, etc).  I'm getting married in 4 months.  Are you free next Jan 4, to shoot an evening wedding?

You (the photographer).  Let me check my schedule . . . yep, totally free.

PC: Great.  You come highly recommended.  What do you charge?

You:  [Long conversation, explaining your rates, what is and is not covered].  Are you okay with my rates?

PC:  Yes, that seems fair.

You.  What is your name?

PC:  Bob Smith (or whatever)

You:  What is the name of your wife-to-be?

PC:  Well, his name is Dave Jones, and he will be my husband, not my wife.

You.  Um.  You know, I'm actually not available on Jan 4.  May I recommend another photographer Dominik Larsen (or whatever) . . . his work is great and you'll be very happy with him.

So, unless the first words out of your mouth--whenever you meet a potential client--are "what are the first names of the people getting married?", you're gonna run into these sorts of problems.  Usually, it's pretty obvious when people are discriminating.

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