Why no image stabilizer in X systems

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Re: Why no image stabilizer in X systems

Bonsainz wrote:

I have just purchased a xe1 with 18 55 zoom and also the 35m as well, it was between the xe1 and omd em5 and I liked the fuji best, while I am happy with results disapointed with the 35 in low light insideif onlt the camera had built in image stabilizer it would be a winner, I am now looking at the new omd em1 when it comes out with the 12 to 40 pro lense.
Also the water proof camera could be handy
Just my thoughts and what I have found with the xe1

When it comes to fast primes around or below 50mm, IS isn't nearly as useful as with longer focal lengths. If you go by the old 1X the focal length is the slowest shutter speed you should use rule, then any lower and you'll risk motion blur from your subjects. At that point, the drawbacks of having IS far outweigh the marginal if any advantages it provides.

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