FUJI UK price for 23mm 1.4 - Daylight robbery!?

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Re: FUJI UK price for 23mm 1.4 - Daylight robbery!?

justin_time wrote:

FUJI UK price (& wexphotographic) for 23mm 1.4 = £849
USA price for 23mm 1.4 = $849
I wondered if the stirling - dollar exchange rate had fallen dramatically without me noticing, but no its still 1.55$ to the £.
Comparing prices of other Fuji X lenses:
55-200 is $699 in USA & £599 in UK
14mm f2.8 is $899 in USA & £699 in UK.
So based on exchange rate I would expect UK proce for 23mm 1.4 to be £550 and comparing prices of other lenses £660 to £727.
FUJI UK price seems a rip off to me.

Just hope Parkcameras stick close to there pre-order price they have had up for last 2 months of £679.

It will be £800 initially, expected to fall to £700 or so by Christmas in line with all the others.

Remove VAT and that would make it closer to the US price.

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