Why no image stabilizer in X systems

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Image stabilization is a crutch to the uninitiated

ioshadha wrote:


I'm looking to buy my next camera and have narrowed my search to either Fujifilm X series or Sony NEX.

To my surprise neither cameras do not have inbuilt image stabilization and Fujifilm does not have any available lenses that have stabilizer built in. At least Sony have 1 or 2 lenses from memory.

My first question have in mind is, why don't they incorporate any sensor image stabilization into these cameras? two, why haven't at least one lens is released with image stabilization?

Thanks in advance.

The zooms lenses have them and it is nice. You do not need image stabilization in a prime lens especially wider angle lenses.

Even if you do not use a tripod or monopod you can stabilization the shot if you know how to hold the camera and lens, you use two hands. If you have ever shot film none of the lenses had image stabilization and people were able to get results.

Fuji X is not like any camera systems I have seen in the digital world including DSLR's. Fuji is not really a starter type of camera system which is good.

If not having image stabilization is a deal breaker the photographer is really not that good of a photographer. Holding the camera is as much photography 101 as is choosing ISO for the right type of subject matter.

If you are going to shoot Soccer vs a Landscape shot right away I know what I need from lens (s) to filters. Instead of a lot of film flipping a switch does that etc. Some things from the way you shot film has not changed.

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