Why no image stabilizer in X systems

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Re: Why no image stabilizer in X systems

wchutt wrote:

In-camera stabilization has three disadvantages compared to in-lens stabilization.

o The body is more complex

o The body is heavier.

o The body costs more and if you prefer not to use IS, you are paying for something you won't use.

Nikon published a white paper that describes technical disadvantages of in-body stabilization. Their arguments may, or may not be complete.

Perhaps Fuji considered all these factors when they decided to use lens-based IS.

Nikon's white paper was a self serving justification to do in lens stabilization.

In lens image stablization is not without it's detractions either.

The lenes are heavier.

The lenses are more complex.

The lenses cost more (Something to consider if you buy more lenses than bodies).

The advantage of in lens stabilization is that you can actually see it work in the viewfinder. In body stabilization invites a steadier hand, since the finder (at least in a DSLR) isn't stabilized. EVFs, of course, wouldn't have this problem.

The huge advantge of in body IS is that it works with every lens that can be used on the camera, not just the special ones that come with the feature. My DSLR system is Pentax, and one of the things I really appreciate is that every lens I mount is image stabilized. I can put a 50 year old screw mount lens on my camera and it's got IS available.

A secondary advantage of in body IS is the ability to use the sensor positioner for things like fine tuning composition, which is something I have come to appreciate while doing macro photography.

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