RAW heresy?

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Re: RAW heresy?

I've read every comment here and many of them have been either obnoxious and/or overstated their case to the point that it borders on falsehood.

Firstly; NO ONE has told anyone that shooting in JPEG is what they ought to do. The farthest anyone has dared reach, is daring to suggest that it might be fine for someone to shoot JPEG if they WANT to (and without implying that they are foolish). But, as I said some 40 posts ago, a whole lot of RAW enthusiasts have implied that not following their approach is about as sensible as taking photos with a c.1970's pocket Kodak and dropping off the film at the drug store for developing.

Secondly; Just because my JPEGs have been "processed" a bit in the camera before I see them doesn't mean the processing is DONE! I may not use the most sophisticated processing system in the world, but I look at every one of my photos, crop most of them at least a little, and make 3-4 other adjustments on most of them. Probably 90% of the photos I keep and treasure have been modified by me somehow. Don't imply that what you do is "real processing" and what I do is not real. There have been several attempts made here at clever analogies, all based on the idea that a JPEG is a finished product. It CAN be, but it most certainly does not have to be (which happens to exactly a description of a RAW photo another person recently posted). I get the impression that RAW enthusiasts are getting a little too enamored with their "sliders" and find the idea that a JPEG image may have (irreversibly) moved a slider a bit before they get their hands on it inherently offensive. I get that. I really do. But like a lot of things in life, I just don't get that worked up about it.

Thirdly; I have nothing against RAW (though clearly plenty of people clearly look down on JPEG's). I'll even admit that once I feel like I take better photos and once I get a better computer for dealing with them, I'll probably dip my toe in that water. I just hope I don't turn into a douche after doing so.

It's the end result that is supposed to matter, not how you got there.

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