What is advantage and disadvantage between X-trans vs Bayer array

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Re: What is advantage and disadvantage between X-trans vs Bayer array

ealvarez wrote:

Hi folks,

Aside from their technicality which I have read in wiki and other places, why one would choose one over the other?. And why people are excited over supposedly upcoming Fuji camera namely X-A1 which will utilize Bayer array sensor instead of x-trans. Isn't x-trans array that made Fuji IQ 'different' and perhaps now appealing than the rest?



Well, I can only speak from personal experience. I was using a D700 and D7000 when I purchased an Xpro1 with the 18, 35 and 60 lenses.

Early versions of LR RAW conversion were really not good, but the current one is comparable with the JPEGs, which means it is at least as sharp as the D7000 when properly processed (but only with the best primes on the D7000).

However it did seem to be able to handle a higher degree of highlight and shadow recovery, which makes the RAW files extremely flexible. Overall, in that respect it compared well with my D700, only with more resolution.

I would not say high ISO noise is much lower, but it is low. However it's the amount of detail at high ISO that is most impressive. I believe the large blocks of green pixels, and the specific demosaicing method, does allow a more accurate detail rendition in these circumstances with lower luminance noise.

The downside, and there always is one, is that colour detail in very fine details can be lost. At least 2 pixel widths of detail seem to be required to guarantee colour in low light, but it is only really noticeable in low light or low contrast areas, and at large magnifications. In an A2 print, the images are quite spectacular. In other words its a pixel peepers issue, but really doesn't impact the output. By comparison dealing with moire and NR from some other cameras is a tedious distraction.

I have no idea if it's specifically due to the X-trans layout or Fuji's processing (I suspect the latter) but the one thing I most like about the output from the camera is the richness of the colour response (even in RAW). It really is quite exceptional.

But in the end I don't really care. I like the way the cameras handle and a like the output. I also like the lenses, the overall philosophy of operational simplicity and the constant refinement through firmware that has transformed the cameras from tricky to highly functional.

This is not to say someone would not be happy with any of the competition, cameras are a personal thing, but for me it's a good fit and they are not. I have largish hands so the relatively relaxed and well spaced controls on the X-cameras are a real advantage compared to (say) any of the NEX or Olympus models.

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