First day out, at Mall with the Fuji X-E1 and kit zoom (18-55mm)

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First day out, at Mall with the Fuji X-E1 and kit zoom (18-55mm)

Went to the mall to capture some first impressions of the Fuji X-E1.

(I'm clearly the guy who points his camera at the walls, ceilings, people and colors.)

Focuser sees the reflection and focuses it in perfectly; this is an iPhone 5 reflecting the mall ceiling.

This is the ceiling that was reflecting; I love the play on light, steel and angles.

My son sitting across the table, waiting for his friends to arrive.  Noticing how nicely the background de-focuses with the aperture opened on a kit lens.

Above the mall carousel there was another play on light and shadows - could not resist.

Daughter reflecting on what to order for lunch.

So my impressions:

This is so grown up from the X-Pro1.  The Q menu saves the day - making easy work of changing any of the top buried settings you would want to fiddle with.

The fast zoom is simply amazing for a kit lens.  With one dislike; I wish it had the traditional aperture ring instead of the not labeled dial and guess (or look) ring.

The X-E1 body forces you to look and constantly think about it's settings and how it's configured.  Which is nice, because 90% of it can be seen looking down at the top plate and lens (except when the zoom is on.)

I wear glasses to read; so the diopter adjustment on the EVF brought everything into focus for me.  This EVF is as-sharp to me as the NEX-7 with one negative, it does paint a little slowly if you are fast moving.

Looking forward to Sunday in the park with the X-E1.

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