Fuji X-A1 = Photoshop; seriously take a look.

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Re: Fuji X-A1 = Photoshop; seriously take a look.

The Jacal wrote:

stuartgolden wrote:

The reflections are incorrect as well.

It's just a sad, hastily faked photoshop.

And thinking this all through;

1.) Makes no sense to "suddenly" throw away the X-Trans CMOS and throw a "standard" CMOS in. Fuji are known for their sensors, colors, and amazing lenses. WHY the WHY would they ditch this and make a low end X camera?

Making it cheaper so 'the great unwashed' will buy it, therefore paying for lots of R&D for you.

That would be a Fuji Finepix camera.  They have a whole product line for the so-called unwashed (like me.)

2.) You can't just replace one sensor for another cheaply. There would be a ton of software redesign and optimizations take place on a new or different sensor that I do not see them doing for a "cheap" camera.

See above.

As a software developer who has written actual embedded optical sensor software; I can tell you there is no willy-nilly swapping of sensors.  Especially a custom made sensor with an off-the-shelf sensor.  Everything has to be tweeked on a per-sensor basis.  It's a long project and an investment.

Is this a 'hastily faked photoshop' too ?


I should also point out that I'm following the lower end X series with great interest.

Do you notice the magical qualities of the blue camera on the left?  It can sit (or hover over) glass and cast no reflection.

As much as we want to run with a "few photoshopped M bodies with a A and color added to them" and believe there is some new magical unicorn body from Fuji coming out - I can tell you it simply will not happen.  I have watched such magical unicorn photoshop rumors swirl in the Apple world too - they are usually 99.99999% fake.

The Upcoming Fuji X-A1 is hereto be always referred to as the "Phantom X-Trans Camera."  Because just like the rumored missing X-Trans sensor - it's also going to be phantom on any Fuji body roadmap.

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