I've given up on the Fuji X100s.

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local shops, always your best bet

I know that in these days of big box online retailers that there aren't a lot of local shops (comparing to my youth, when I had a couple of local camera stores that took me under their wings and made me into a photographer)... but there are still some.  They are almost always the best and quickest way to get access to high demand photography gear.  I know two local places in my smallish state, both have had 100S in stock for weeks.  I know they're selling - when I went in a few weeks ago to buy a used Leica 90mm for my interchangeable X body, one of them had three boxes on the shelf when I arrived and only one two hours later.

Every outlet gets an allocation, and the big price-based aggregators like Adorama and B&H (both of which are physically more local to me than the two shops I mention) have long waiting lists while the local guys have short ones.  Outlets don't get allocations based on the size of their waiting lists, and the little guys will have waiting lists much more proportional to their allocations.  Since no one will discount at this time, there's really not any advantage to buying online, but a lot of good things about buying from your local shop.  They'll spend time making sure you know how to work all the features; they'll give you tips on the camera based on their own personal experience; if there's a problem with the camera, they'll take excellent care of you, and in many cases if there's a problem, you'll discover it right there when they're giving you a walkthrough on usage.

And - you're supporting a local small business person who's also a photography enthusiast.  It's good to look after fellow enthusiasts.

I try to buy from my local guys as much as possible.  I learned the value of this several years ago, when I was on waiting lists at two big online sellers for months and happened to walk into one of the local shops to see a photo exhibit they sponsored... and right there on the shelf were a couple of the camera bodies I'd been waiting for.  One was there just waiting to be picked up, but the other became mine.  Those small shops will also very often price match the big aggregators once discounting begins - if they know you.

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