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Re: Reid Reviews Compares Fuji 35 f/1.4 to Zeiss Touit 32 f/1.8

Actually; he's quite an accomplished photographer and "gear head" who has taken the time and passion to document and give considerate and lengthy reviews on a number of pieces of photographic gear. He's usually "dialed down" and gives his pleasant findings.

As I don't have a ton of friends who collect Zeiss, Leica and Fuji gear; Reid is often the go-to place to see something throughly reviewed.

He hits with far less extreme passion as some (Ken R) and is a little more methodical in his approach than some of the others whom simply advertise on their websites.

He also has a number of published articles on other sites (like The Luminous Landscape) so you can read and learn his style and approach.

Seriously, if you are considering gear, paying $32 or so for one year access to everything he's written is not as bad as it sounds. And I trust him up there with some of the more notable gear reviewers.

So yeah - he charges. And no slimy auto-renewals.

If you've never read a Reid article you, well, should probably stop reading forum content and actually read something worthwhile - start with "The Luminous Landscape" and work from there.

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