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zoranT wrote:

newellj wrote:

Better high ISO performance has been demonstrated by everyone and questioned by no one -

no one? Really? Laughable, better high iso performance of the RX100 ii is a debunked myth

"Better noise reduction in JPEG and crushed blacks is not what I call improved low light performance!"

or take RAW, where there is literally no difference between both cameras

"zero evidence of improved low light performance in the raw stills direct off the sensor. Opening the files with Adobe Camera Raw from the RX100 and RX100M2 shot at identical settings (ISO 3200, F5.6, 1/200) the black levels are lower in the RX100 Mark II shot before you make any adjustments. That hides some of the noise in the blacks but the overall exposure seems darker, causing you to shoot at a higher ISO or lift the shadows in Photoshop – possibly creating more noise. As you can see, noise levels are the same in both shots so I am not too impressed by Sony’s claims that the RX100 Mark II is better in low light than it’s predecessor."


The Imaging Resources review says different:

"Sony's claims of a full 1-stop improvement in high-ISO noise seems well-justified by our own experience - the difference between the new and old models is pretty dramatic. Shot at ISO 6,400, the original RX100's images are pretty good for that ISO level from a compact camera, but the RX100 II's shots are really exceptional."

DXOMark has also shown a measurable difference. At around 1/3 of a stop it's much less than Imaging Resources observations, but it's there.

The Camera Labs don't compare RX100 II ISO performance directly to the RX100 in their noise tests, but I did a comparison to the same RX100 test shots and it suggests the high ISO performance improvement is there with the RX100 II.

While it would be reasonable to await more tests to draw firm conclusions - in particular the DPR review - it's a bit premature to call the RX100's better high ISO performance 'a debunked myth'.

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