Dilemma: A99 vs new Olympus E-M1

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Re: Dilemma: A99 vs new Olympus E-M1

have an a99 with the 50/1.4(omg reflections) and z24-70/2.8

an rx1

an olympus em5 with a bunch of lenses


if i were mainly travelling, and needed various focal lengths.. id take the olympus

wow, that size is such a difference

i generally just use the lens pouch from my big 4/3s 70-300 as a camera bag(wrist thru the tug straps) with a spare lens(in a neoprene pouch) with a lens pen and spare battery and ipad card reader... and the em5 on a wrist strap ... done! it makes for such a nice light travel kit

so if you do 90%+ of yer photos while traveling, and size and weight are therefore a big factor, go with the olympus (as well as varying FL's)

no fl issues? go rx1(so in love with that lens...)

no weight or size issues/intense quality issues? go a99


oh, also

i agree with a previous poster

i HIIIIGHLY doubt youll get that em1 in time for yer trip

omg, it took ages for people to get the em5s

i DID get mine the day i decided i wanted one, out of sheer luck my local shop had one in stock!(while people were still on day 1 preorder lists for ages).. so you can always panic and call all around to any shop remotely in driving distance to u... just a thought!

if u decide the oly route.

buy someones used em5 they are selling to fund THEIR em1... then just sell it again when youve gotten yer hands on ur own...

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