RX100m2 visits Disney World - C&C welcome

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Re: RX100m2 visits Disney World - C&C welcome

RedFox88 wrote:

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It depends on the versions but the iPhone 5 has an 8 MP camera while the 4th gen iPad and iPad mini have a 5 MP camera. The iPhone 5 also supports HDR, panorama mode, and has a flash.

Dude, putting 3 more MP into the same size and same quality image sensor doesn't make the camera "better". Resolution isn't an element of image quality.

I realize that but, as far as I can tell, the iPad does not have a better camera. I believe the optics are the same but the iPhone 5 adds a dynamic low light mode (whatever that is), HDR, panorama mode, flash, and a sapphire crystal lens cover.

My only point was that I was surprised at the number of people I saw walking around the park taking pictures with their iPad. There may be legitimate reasons for this, such as an easier-to-read screen (but not in the Florida sun!), image sharing if you can't do it with a phone, or better quality results than some phones. I just hope they didn't lug the iPad around with the expectation of getting higher quality pictures than they would with their iPhone 4s/5 or pocket camera.

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