What is the future of prime lenses (FFL)?

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Re: What is the future of prime lenses (FFL)?

Adrien S wrote:

Hello everyone!

I have heard several photographers and photography-specialized columnists say that many DSLR users tend to give up fixed focal length (FFL) lenses lately. Indeed some people believe multifunctional zooms are the best way to practice photography today.

1 - Are they the majority?

yes they are the majority, because so many consumers are getting dSLRs when they really only need P/S.

2 - Who would make a difference: the average consumers or the professional photographers?

serious photographers

3 - Would you rather have in your hands a slow 18-300mm or a fast 50mm? (i.e. is a prime lens better than an everything-in-one zoom lens?)

depends on what I am shooting. At the zoo, give me the zoom. Portraits.....give me the 50

4 - Can we expect any major innovation for FFL lenses?

no, the money for the camera makers is in the zooms

5 - To what extent is the existence of prime lenses still relevant when high-end zoom lenses (such as 24-70 F2.8, 70-200 F2.8, 200-400 F4 and why not the debated 18-35 F1.8) are available?

primes are almost always better, if not as versatile

6 - Are prime lenses the domain of highly demanding professional photographers or are they the best choice of all those who want quality optics at a moderate price?

again it depends on what you are doing. I would rather have my 70-300 for all around, but it broke and today I used a legacy Mamiya 135mm F2.8. Can you tell which took which picture?

So it looks like legacy lenses may be the most bang for buck if you can give up IS.

Different tools for different jobs     24-85 is Favorite walk around lens; 85/f1.8.  Favorite portrait lens

good topic for discussion


I don't intend to write any kind of essay on that subject right now, but it would be most instructive to see as many opinions on the above questions as possible. So do not hesitate to share your ideas here, and make any relevant remark about something I would have forgotten to take into account.

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