What is advantage and disadvantage between X-trans vs Bayer array

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Re: What is advantage and disadvantage between X-trans vs Bayer array

DVT80111 wrote:

junyo wrote:

X-Trans CFA, being new, is not as well supported by RAW image processing apps, especially the mainstream ones (Lightroom, Capture One, Aperture).

Not quite true. I got latest Adobe Camera Raw plugin and it works fine. TheSILKYPIX software comes with the camera work well too. But the JPG out of camera is pretty good by itself. I have not seen much advantage with RAW files really.

The combination of the X-trans and software manipulation gives a little more detail in shadow. So in post, I don't need to boost up exposure too much. The X-trans is at least 1f stop better than the best Bayer out there. The difference is probably just due to the AA filter.

In bright light, the Fujifilm tends to blow out the highlight. All you need to do is to crank the compensator to minus 1-1.5 f-stop.

I did lot of research and picked the X-E1 over the NEX6. So far so good.

As a subjective opinion, I agree that Adobe products work fine, that's what I use. However, my answer was designed the give the OP an objective, balanced and succinct synopsis in response to their question, not spout my personal opinion or engage in another round of 'XTrans is AMAZING-Is Not!!!-Is Too!!!' circle jerk that these threads always (and this thread has already) become.

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