RX100m2 visits Disney World - C&C welcome

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Re: RX100m2 visits Disney World - C&C welcome

Zone IX wrote:

navydad wrote:

Nice shots, but if there's one thing that annoys me at Disney it's people who use their flash on a dark ride. It's a distraction, ruins your night vision, and is rude to the other guests. Please perform penance by going flashless for the next week.

I share your annoyance. Some rides feel like a strobe show. In addition to annoying others, the flash usually destroys any lighting effects created by the set designers. I sinned on the pirate ride because the boat got stuck at that point for about two minutes. If I had foresight, I would have used the opportunity to try a long exposure as well.

We'll forgive you this time, but if you sin again you'll be banished to ride Small World over and over again till you beg for mercy

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