What is advantage and disadvantage between X-trans vs Bayer array

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Re: What is advantage and disadvantage between X-trans vs Bayer array

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Hi folks,

Aside from their technicality which I have read in wiki and other places, why one would choose one over the other?. And why people are excited over supposedly upcoming Fuji camera namely X-A1 which will utilize Bayer array sensor instead of x-trans. Isn't x-trans array that made Fuji IQ 'different' and perhaps now appealing than the rest?



Well, pretty much every diligently performed analysis out there that I have seen, from a professional or very experienced user's perspective, indicates zero to maybe some small (1/3 stop) advantage in noise at high ISO. and generally there is less chroma resolution than bayer images, leading to some loss or desaturation of colors in small details

This holds true mainly for the RAW files, which is what many professional IQ junkies really care about.

When comparing JPG files from x-trans vs bayer cameras, I think the difference in noise control is more pronounced. The fuji JPGs have basically no chroma noise at any ISO, and luma detail is fairly exceptional for each ISO. Even when discounting the Fuji ISO inflation (about +2/3 to 1 stop), the retention of luma detail across the ISO range is pretty impressive.

So, IMO, the real advantage of x-trans seems to be Fuji's ability to produce a great JPG, something that would nearly rival the output of the best RAW-processed images of a few years ago, with all the post process plugin noise reduction and sharpening filters and junk. it's a pretty impressive feat, but nothing that ultimately surpasses the limits of the sensor hardware itself.

just getting closer to the limits of quality that a milliwatt device (hundreds of thousands of times less power consumption than your PC) can produce.

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