Questions for Experienced Sony/Pentax (recent) migrants to Nikon..

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It's not just the features, it's the implementation

People used to holler about Apple that they never invent anything. That may or may not be true, but among their talents are implementation and integration.

All camera manufactures have AF, exposure meters, this, that and the other thing. It's how they choose to build those things that matter. Of course, part of this is product differentiation; they put the best AF in the top of the line D3s and D4s because that's what the sports photojournalists will pay for. Moreover, the top end bodies like the D800 and D4s allow you to export and therefore re-import your settings. This is a great enterprise feature that's great to zero the camera to favourite settings when leaving for work but probably not a lot of use for consumers.

I'm no expert on Sony or Pentax bodies but were I to make two recommendations for migrants:

  • Get the Thom Hogan book.
  • Don't get married to your settings. Use the two button reset a lot the first week or two that you've got the camera.

Your mileage may vary, but I'd consider simplifying your choices the first week or two just so you can learn the rest of the camera's settings. It will take some time as the menus are very deep and naturally some of the language will be different For example, consider turning off Auto ISO so you don't have to learn how the exposure compensation is controlled; or just leave the AF on C/single point for a few days before getting into how 3D differs from D51. That being said, the AF is  psychic but give it some study before trusting it on a shoot.

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I only use imported bokeh

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