Dilemma: A99 vs new Olympus E-M1

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I dont argue about portability of Olympus. But it's just pretty much useless in bad light.

So, I would ask, If You leave take Olympus with you, due to small size and portability, spend energy on shooting and there is no outcome...

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That is complete hyperbole.

The A99 has a 1 stop gain in ISO performance over the OMD. 1 stop. The OMD is on par with all of the current APS-C Sony SLTs. Are those useless in bad light as well?

Have you ever actually used the OMD (or any of the current gen pens with the new Sony sensright

I disagree. I have shot landscapes at 1600 and 3200 ISO with my a99 and my OMD E-M5 can't touch that high in an actual print. Large prints with my E-M5, 32x24 are really not good even at 1600 ISO. The usable limit for a nice quality print with OMD seems to be 800iso. Its more like 2 to 2 1/2 stops.

The new Sony sensor in the OMD is actually old Sony technology and any compact out there is better. Its probably on par with the NEX5. Plus the E-M1 is not going to have a new sensor in it. It's behind the eight ball before its even released.

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I assume you have shot the identical scene with identical lighting and exposure settings to come to this conclusion. If so I would love to see the actual files, raw preferably.

If you're comparing random shots that happen to be taken at the same ISO but in different light or subjects, that won't tell you anything about sensor performance.

Yes I have shot the same subject at the same time. One camera being used for time lapse the other stills. But both were set to the highest level of image quality. Both RAW. I really like the E-M5 don't think I don't. For wildlife the crop factor and image stabilization are nice. Every system has a drawback. Olympus has the best compact camera in performance even though its been on the market a long time. The noise levels is its only negative. Well it could use some more dynamic range as well.

Olympus has a bad habit of wrapping and old sensor in a new body to many times. I really wish the E-M1 had came with a new sensor or at best a new image processor.

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